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GIFT #14903
  • Description

    Colorful envelopes containing a month's worth of encouraging get well messages and quotes fill this keepsake glass jar. The recipient can choose to open a note every day, or whenever they need a message of encouragement.

    Included in this Gift

    • Keepsake Glass Jar Containing 31 Unique Get Well Messages.
    • Example Message: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."


    This gift is securely packaged to safeguard the shipping process. A free card with your personal message is included with your gift.

    Gift Dimensions

    Measures 7".

    Gift #14903

Jar of Get Well Wishes

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    • JK-JR
      June 2, 2021

      After reading the reviews I decided to purchase this Gift for a Very Very dear friend who is going through a very tough time. She messaged me as soon as she received it and said "You don't know how much this means to me" I cried because I wanted a gift that would really speak some positivity in her trying times, and I think this one did it. Thank you Gift Tree for having a unique set of gifts, both times I used your service; the responses were positive. YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE.

    • Nobleretrievers
      Gift made her cry
      February 1, 2021

      This gift was sent as a symbol of support during a serious illness. The recipient told me she was so touched that she cried. She will use the jar to hold treasured items once her notes are gone as a lasting memory.

    • noname
      Great get well gift
      November 11, 2020

      I have given this gift to two of my friends and both of them loved it. They looked forward to opening their messages each day.

    • coachwife
      March 2, 2020

      The item was sent in a very short time. It was a gift for a cancer patient. She loves the little envelopes with the encouraging messages. This gift was perfect and beautiful.

    • Gifter
      Wonderfully Unique
      October 9, 2019

      The recipient loved this wonderfully unique gift. It was the perfect gift that keeps on giving as you read each card full of hope and encouragement.

    • JBNYC
      My Friends Seem to Love It!
      July 30, 2019

      I have only sent this item as a gift, I have never received it. It seems to be a big hit with people facing a tough recovery process. It was easy to order and even arrived a day early - on a Sunday!

    • Deb
      Excellent Gift When Flowers Won't Suffice
      April 10, 2019

      This is the 2nd time I've sent this gift. It's a GREAT idea. I sent it to my son's girlfriend after she had an emergency appendectomy. A dear friend's mother suffered an aneurysm and I sent it to my friend. I know it cheered both up and it was a nice alternative to flowers, wine, chocolates, etc. None of the latter last. The vase and inspirational sayings will! I highly recommend this gift for any occasion.

    • Hebjo
      This present put a smile on a person who needed it right now
      September 26, 2018

      This is a gift that keeps on giving for a month. I sent this to someone who is having a tough time right now. They are opening one message each day for a month. I am hoping it will put a smile on her face each day.
      It was delivered within 2 days which was awesome. I sent it from across the other side of the world to her.

    • Dudu
      happy customer
      November 22, 2017

      The recipient of the jar of Get Well Wishes was so grateful to have received such a thoughtful gift.

    • mrsdash
      Great gift idea
      November 20, 2017

      Sent this as an after surgery recuperation gift. The gift recipient loves it. Said the jar is very decorative the notes are very colorful and can open 1 note each day during her recovery. Which are very inspirational and witty notes. Overall a great gift. And it is especially nice when you don't know about giving a food gift, this one is great. Called customer service during my order process and it was very efficient. The order arrived on time.

    • harhar
      Great gift idea
      February 21, 2017

      This is a great gift to someone who may need a little encouragement in a creative way. This is an excellent gift. Really good in particular for female. Just an excellent idea for gift!!!

    • Empathic
      Wonderful Gift
      January 14, 2017

      Sent to a friend who has been ill. Inpirational messages were very uplifting!

    • Missy
      Beautiful Gift & Amazing Service
      November 16, 2016

      I order this gift for my mom who just had surgery. After two weeks of not receiving it I reluctantly contacted customer service to report it. I chatted with Natasha and explained my problem. Not only was she very helpful and took care of me, she wrote me a note sympathizing with my stressful situation and understanding I was just trying to comfort my mother after her surgery. I can not say enough about the service I received and my mom did love her beautiful and unique gift!!!! Amazing customer service equals a very grateful and loyal customer. Thank You I will shop again!!!

    • Linnie
      October 11, 2016

      Very great service!
      I will always order through Gift Tree!!! My daughter loved the gift!

    • DMO
      October 4, 2016

      Ordered this as a birthday gift for a friend who has seen a lot of loss and grief in the past year. My birthday precedes hers by a few days, and she gave me some truly lovely gifts, probably far more expensive than mine to her (she is in a different economic bracket than I am). Her response? She wished she had got a gift for me that was as thoughtful! Almost made me cry, but I think it was very much appreciated, and I will keep it in mind for other occasions. Great idea!

    • Patty
      Jar of Get Well Wishes
      June 17, 2016

      I've sent this gift to two people recently. One was sent to a close friend who had just gone through open heart surgery. The other was to my cousin who had hip replacement surgery. Both people have totally loved this gift, and have said it will help them stay on a positive path to recovery.

    • 30love
      June 6, 2016

      Sent this gift to my 21 year old grand daughter, whom was seriously burned in a car crash. Great idea. Her mother loved it. She is not able to read them yet but the jar is waiting for her. Nurses suggested when it was through they put messages from her friends in the jar.

    • Belle of the Ball
      My friend loved the Jar of Notes!
      March 29, 2016

      This gift was for a dear friend that recently had to have a craniotomy. Sha said she loved it and was a nice change from all the flowers.

    • kim
      Great gift
      November 10, 2015

      Sent 2 of these and both were loved by the recipients. Great idea for someone needing a little lift.

    • Dee
      Great alternative to food and flower gifts for get well!
      October 1, 2015

      Beautiful presentation and thoughtful gift for someone who needs some inspiration while not feeling well! Great alternative to food and flower get well gifts.

    • MB
      September 3, 2015

      Smaller than expected, great quality and I love the messages! The recipient is off her feet for 6 weeks w/ a ruptured achilles...she reads one a day and when she has visitors, she has has them write notes to add to the jar that she can read later...she loves it!!!

    • stormdeb
      Expressions of Love
      August 17, 2015

      I sent this to my friend and her husband to let them know we have them in our hearts as he goes through Chemotherapy for Stage 4 Cancer. Flowers and Food Gifts aren't the best gifts during that time. This gift was very well received and appreciated by both of them.

    • Bklynmom
      She loved it!
      August 3, 2015

      Unusual, great gift idea.

    • Megan
      Fabulous Customer Service
      April 19, 2015

      I have purchased this gift for a few people who have needed uplifting thoughts and wishes. Everyone has loved it! During my last purchase it unfortunately arrived damaged. I contacted customer service and I can't say enough about their quick response. They not only resent the product at no charge, they even followed up with a phone call to make sure the second delivery arrived intact. Thank you to a great company!

    • John
      Awesome customer service
      March 26, 2015

      Expedited service but hospital failed to deliver. GiftTree customer service followed up after I contacted them and addressed delivery issue that wasn't their error quickly and with understanding.

    • kiwi
      Great Get Well gift idea
      March 7, 2015

      My friend loved it and said it was soooo cute! Didn't know at the time if she could eat chocolates . She'll be there so long she would have to watch flowers die (how depressing). She said the expressions are uplifting! What a wonderful change from the norm. Never saw it myself but if she's happy I'm happy. Excellent customer service!! Delivery is quick and on time.

    • J
      March 3, 2015

      A friends husband had a tragic accident at work and this was perfect to help get through the tough road ahead. They loved it and it was very inspirational for them.

    • Melody
      What A Treat
      February 23, 2015

      A friend sent this because I have had two months of illness. This is one of the most beautiful, creative, and uplifting gifts I have ever received. Each note is on quality paper stock in lovely script.

    • pangas
      February 19, 2015

      This is the second time I have sent this gift to someone and they both have told me this gift is wonderful. I definitely would recommend this gift to anyone who needs some words of comfort and inspiration.

    • Duke5251
      Great Alternative to flowers!
      January 16, 2015

      I sent this to a friend who was recovering from surgery. Since I knew that she had received many flowers and cookies, candies, etc. I was looking for something different. When I saw this I knew it would be perfect. My friend was thrilled with this. She had never seen anything like it and reading the messages each day really cheers her up. Since she is far from me and I can't actually visit it's like I'm there each time she reads a message. Plus the jar can be used after the messages are gone. Great gift!

    • Patrick Star
      Great Gift!
      September 24, 2014

      We bought this gift for our boss to let him know we were thinking of him while he was out recovering from surgery...each one of us signed a card and put a personal note on the back for him to open during his time out of the office.

    • Doree
      Perfect for someone who doesn't want flowers, a plant, or candy
      September 20, 2014

      I love that this gift requires no 'aftercare'. Once you are done with it you can simply reuse the jar as desired, as well as pick and choose the messages you choose to keep.

    • Lifelover!!!
      True to its name!
      September 17, 2014

      I absolutely LOVED this. I had received this recently from a friend and loved it so, I had to send it to my sister after her surgery! AWESOME notes of good cheer, get well, and bright future! Colorful, lovely and such a wonderful idea instead of flowers and fruit! Many of my friends have told me they plan to steal my idea! I wish it had been MY idea!!!

    • Innyday
      She loved it!
      June 18, 2014

      This was a gift for a dear co-worker who's on her 3rd surgery within 2 months. As you can imagine she's been through a very trying time and this gift was a perfect remedy in lifting her spirits : - )

    • Friend
      May 26, 2014

      I sent this to a friend who has broken her shoulder so healing will take some time. This was a perfect gift that keeps on giving and helpful in keeping her cheerful when in lots of pain--and it is calorie free!

    • Annie
      So unique - So terrific!
      April 21, 2014

      I ordered two of these this week - they are absolutely beautiful, and so different. The messages are beautiful, as is the paper they are written on. A wonderful, wonderful gift! GiftTree is my new favorite "go to" source for wonderful gifts! Do not hesitate to buy!

    • Kat
      Jar of good wishes
      January 16, 2014

      I was a bit disappointed to see more shredded paper than notes but on further examination the notes are very nicely presented and the messages are really thoughtful.
      I would recommend this to others. it is unique and very different

    • Jensmyname
      Wonderful gift
      December 23, 2013

      This jar of get well wishes was a huge hit with the gift receiver. I wanted to give something other then flowers after my friend had surgery and she absolutely loved this! The colors are beautiful and the envelopes are perfect. I will send this gift again!

    • giftgiver12324
      Great idea
      December 10, 2013

      Flowers die, fruit/candy gets eaten, balloons loose air...but this gift gives day after day for a whole month. The person I gave this to looks forward to opening a card everyday and lets them know daily that they are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • L
      Great Alternative
      October 9, 2013

      Sent to my Aunt recovering from surgery. Everyone sends flowers and candy and then they are gone. This lasts a month as she plans to open one Get Well Wish daily. Quite clever and good sayings!

    • Social50
      Something Different
      September 19, 2013

      I wanted something different ... not flowers that would die or food that a recent heart surgery patient would not be able to eat. No cuddly stuffed animals or silly cups that crowds everyone's cupboards. This was PERFECT! Little cards in a jar with inspirational quotes. 31 days of letting my friend know that she is being thought of and hopefully keep her in a good frame of mind for the long recovery. And to top it all off, it is very attractive!

    • Gift giver
      So unique
      August 15, 2013

      Delivered quickly and my friend loved it! She said she had never seen anything like it and it cheered her up.

    • Liz
      Get Well Jar Wishes
      July 29, 2013

      My best friend's daughter was in intensive care for 8 days. Obviously, I could not send flowers, and this was the perfect gift. She very much appreciated it.

    • Liz
      GetWell Jar Wishes
      July 29, 2013

      My best friend's daughter was in intensive care for 8 days. Obviously, I could not send flowers, and this was the perfect gift. She very much appreciated it.

    • Anne R.
      Jar of Get Well Wishes
      July 23, 2013

      Have sent this to two people so far. They both have really loved it "and can't wait to open each message one day at a time".
      Really nice change from flowers or candy or Baskets.

    • Patty
      Daily ritual
      July 16, 2013

      My son-in-law (in his mid 30s) liked this gift very much. He and his wife even packed it to take to the hospital when he had his surgery. His family also loved the idea. We emailed family and friends to write their own quotes and well wishes to be included in the jar. Highly recommended. I must admit that I thought the jar would have been larger but on the other hand, I didn't read the description very thoroughly.

    • Friend
      She loved it
      July 1, 2013

    • FanNy
      Recipient loved it
      June 25, 2013

      The recipient loved it and said it was better than all the flowers and fruit baskets she received.

    • Supernanny
      This gift was very well received by a friend recovering from surgery.
      May 15, 2013

      This is so original as a get well gift.

      Jar of beautiful messages
      April 23, 2013

      My friend is going through a tough illness and was thrilled to receive this gift. Each day she opens a card and with those messages that are particularily meaningful, calls and reads them to me. So much better than flowers. A daily reminder of how much I care.

    • TriedALot
      Something Out Of The Ordinary
      April 18, 2013

      I get tired of sending and receiving the usual flowers, this is a nice alternative. No flowers to take care of, just opening a new message every day for inspiration. Was well received and I'd personally love to get this instead of flowers.

    • Vicki
      Sent to a good friend going through cancer treatments.....
      April 18, 2013

      Wonderful unique gift, beautiful thoughts in a lovely package.

    • Well Wisher
      Warmly received
      March 30, 2013

      I sent this gift to a friend recovering from surgery. She is not crazy about flowers or plants and had been deluged with edible fruit and food baskets. This was the perfect gift to show my care and concern and keep her inspired and motived during her recovery. She loved it!!! Thanks!

    • Thoughtful
      Recipient thought it was best get well gift she has ever received.
      March 16, 2013

    • Becky
      Jar of Get Well Wishes
      March 12, 2013

      Very pleased with the gift. The presentation was great as well! I have had several people comment how well they liked the gift and idea.
      THANK YOU!!

    • Giftgiver
      Unique gift idea and also very pretty!
      March 3, 2013

    • Alioct
      Out of the ordinary gift
      February 28, 2013

      Purchased this for an employee's family and they found it unique and very thoughtful!

    • LMC
      Smile Inducing
      January 14, 2013

      A dear friend was critcally injured in an automobile accident. She is expected to recover but estimated to take six months to do so. It goes without saying that the realization of this has caused significant depression. However, upon receipt of this gift, it produced a smile that many had not seen since her accident. Do not hesitate to send this very thoughtful gift to lift the spirits of a loved one or friend in need.

    • Creativity Seeker
      January 5, 2013

      The only thing I didn't like about this particular gift was the fact that it could not be delivered to the hospital while the patient was still there. Even though they were in the hospital for 3 days. It took about 8 days to get to its final destination, but in the gifts defense, it was very well received and commented about by everyone who saw it.

    • JB
      It was beautiful
      August 28, 2011

      My daughter was in the hospital for several days. She loved the gift and said it was beautiful. The nurses commented that it was a wonderful gift especially since she was on a ward where they do not allow flowers. The only problem was trying to stop the visitors from opening all of the note cards. She wanted to save some for each day.

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Jar of Get Well Wishes

  • Description

    Colorful envelopes containing a month's worth of encouraging get well messages and quotes fill this keepsake glass jar. The recipient can choose to open a note every day, or whenever they need a message of encouragement.

    Included in this Gift

    • Keepsake Glass Jar Containing 31 Unique Get Well Messages.
    • Example Message: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."


    This gift is securely packaged to safeguard the shipping process. A free card with your personal message is included with your gift.

    Gift Dimensions

    Measures 7".

    Gift #14903
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